Belle Georgian Lantern


Add a timeless aura with a Chelsom Georgian Lantern GL776.
This luxurious lantern features a solid cast brass structure in a sliver finish and comes with clear bevelled glass panels to release the light into the room with eight inner candle lamps.
These panels are easily removed at the top to enable cleaning and maintaining them.

Brands:: Belle
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The lantern hangs from a chain and has a classic look that will enhance the surrounding area.
Place your lantern in the hallway, dining room or living area for an unparalleled addition of style and charisma.
The Georgian Lantern GL776 comes in other variations. Group them around the home for a consistent look to your designer lighting arrangement.
Respected by professionals throughout the world, Chelsom has built its reputation on combining the look, design, understanding and technical knowledge of lighting solutions.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 74 × 63 cm

Light Orange, Minerva Blue


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